25/6 - The Scents of Paris

If we were to attribute a country to the perfume it would necessarily be France!

Known around the world for its luxurious companies like Guerlain, Dior or Chanel.

And yet, when foreigners speak French people, they often have in mind a people ... who smells bad!

So where does this ambivalence come from?

During this unusual visit we propose to solve the mystery.

From the relationship of Parisians to hygiene in history, to the most famous perfumeries, we take you for a cultural and olfactory walk through the streets of the Saint-Honoré district.


Enough to switch on all your senses!

Les points saillants de l'activité: You will smell about 10 perfumes and raw materials
Nombre de participants: 20
Date de début: 25 juin 2018
Date de fin: 25 juin 2018
Dates de l'activité:
Les dates sont déterminées
L'activité peut se faire sur demande
Langues parlées:

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