Loco Moroccan Tagine Class with salsa dancing

Come and experience the most amazing moroccan cooking lesson with me. We will begin by a trip to the local market where we will buy the vegetables and meat that you would like. We will then head over to the spice shop to buy the spices and oil we need. Then head to the terrace which looks over the palm trees with views of the mountains and the Koutoubia mosque.

Here you will begin the cooking of your tagine. First we will light up the coals then start preparation of your vegetables and meat. When the tagine starts cooking we will prepare a moroccan salad and drink mint tea (or wine!). It takes approximately 1.5 hours to cook on the coals so we have time for salsa and dancing too! Come and have a loco time with me

Les points saillants de l'activité: A trip to the local market, moroccan cooking class, eating and salsa!
Nombre de participants: 8
Date de début: 9 avr. 2018
Date de fin: 9 avr. 2019
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