17/11 - Let's go on the great Paris tour on the GR® 2024 !

We will go in 5 to 6 sequences, totalling 13 sections and 50 km, around Paris in stages from 8 to 12 km.

This route takes us through parks and gardens following the hiking trail “Olympics 2024” published by the French Hiking Federation. It’s the first 100% Parisian hiking trail! This new GR® is an opportunity to discover Paris differently: including more than 70 intramural green spaces and many sports facilities that have marked the Olympic spirit in Paris (for the 1900 and 1924 Olympics).

Our guided tour is bilingual (French and English).

This activity will take place in 2017-2018. Stay informed on the Comptoir des Passions website.

To begin, I suggest we go on the first two sections of the GR® 2024, from Porte de la Villette to Porte de Bagnolet, 8 km.

Leaving at 10 am: Cité des science-la geode, on the upper lawn near the submarine.

End of tour at 12:30 pm: Porte de Bagnolet

For those who wish, we can have a drink together at the end of the tour.

Source photo : Geode-Paul-Kozlowsky

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