22/6 - Shop like a Parisian

Do you know which clothes suit you well? Depressed because you cannot wear always the clothes you like? Too small? Too fat ? Impressed by pretty women in the streets? Let’s shop together, let’s try clothes in shops we all know, Rue de Rivoli. And let us talk together about your morphology, trendy colors in Paris and other French ‘frivolities’. All sizes! All looks! Be natural, come as you are. And I will be a sort of mirror for you.

Meeting time at 11-00 am until 01-00 pm (2 hours)

Address : Place de l'hôtel de Ville 75004 Paris

(in front of th post office- when you look at the Hotel de Ville Building, it is on your left)

Not available if less than 4 persons -

Les points saillants de l'activité: Shopping to try on clothing from shops in the street of Rue de Rivoli, for public speaking English, and pause at the end in a café if you wish. (not included in the price)
Nombre de participants: 6
Date de début: 22 juin 2018
Date de fin: 22 juin 2018
Dates de l'activité:
Les dates sont déterminées
L'activité peut se faire sur demande
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